This Woman Sleeps With Her Snake Every Night… Then Doctors Tell Her The Horrifying Truth.

Image Credit: hoseyoongi

Image Credit: hoseyoongi

We all have to get a good nights sleep for our bodies to function properly. Doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep each night. Where we sleep and who we sleep with is also important. Many of us sleep with our pets – mostly because the pets snuggle up to us as we lay down in bed.

The warm, fuzzy feeling of your pet is often comforting. Sometimes, the soft purring of a cat laying on your head may not be helpful for sleep! A 75-pound dog takes up a lot of room, even on a large bed! Reptile lovers may not sleep with their pets – a spider or a lizard probably won’t want to snuggle up at the end of the day!

Image Credit: Fox

One woman would let her pet python sleep next to her each night. Or sometimes, the snake would stretch out across her body – from head to toe! Or encircle her!

snake Image Credit: AFP/Adrian Dennis

When the python stopped eating, the woman got worried and took the snake to the veterinarian.

Image Credit: Brisbane Times

The doctor asked the woman a lot of questions about the recent behavior of the snake. When the doctor learned of the strange sleeping behavior she had with her python more pointed questions were asked.

Image Credit: hoseyoongi

Image Credit: hoseyoongi

After all the questions were asked and answered the veterinarian told the woman the reason the python had stopped eating was that it was getting ready for its next meal – her!

Image Credit: AFP / Adrian Dennis

All the strange sleeping behavior was the snake stalking and sizing up the woman for its next meal!

Image Credit: Dickenson College

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